Outlining ROK's Advanced Policy in ASEAN

In a visit to Indonesia in November 2017, President Moon Jaein introduced the New Southern Policy (NSP), aiming to strengthen Korea's relations with ASEAN countries and India to the same level as Korea's relations with four other major countries, namely US, China, Japan, and Russia.

Last year the Korean Center of the RMOL Political News Agency held an international webinar to discuss the NSP three years since it has been initiated. The webinar was themed “ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Upgrade”.

Ambassador of the ROK to ASEAN H.E. Lim Sungnam and Ambassador of ROI to ROK, H.E. Umar Hadi, were among the speakers. This year the international webinar will discuss NSP’s achievements and to draw major related agendas for the future. The theme will be “ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Onwards”.

Time: Tuesday, November 2, 2020, from 10am to 3pm




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